Our Services

CSK provides a wide range of research services, ranging from merely technical advice to actual physical inputs to the various stages of research projects and health programs. Our services include; project design and development, program monitoring and evaluation, data collection and management, capacity building and training, technical writing and presentations and research logistics management. 

Data Collection & Management
CSK offers high quality data collection services for both quantitative and qualitative research studies. Through our well-trained and supervised data collectors, we ensure collection of high quality data for our clients. CSK as well offers data management services, including; data entry and cleaning, data analysis, coding of qualitative data materials, as well as translation of data collection tools and transcription of recorded qualitative interviews.
Program Monitoring & Evaluation
We have unique and highly innovative project monitoring and evaluation approaches that will aid timely identification of the key project components that are effective, for whom they are effective, and under what conditions they are effective. We also assist our clients to forge strong project monitoring and evaluation plans, including selecting strong key project monitoring indicators and tools to capture them.
Technical Writing and Presentations
We have talented writers who assist clients with organizing their project/program materials into great sounding technical and scientific reports for dissemination purposes. Our talented and well-trained team will also assist you in compiling your material into great PowerPoint presentations to deliver your message in a way that your audiences can easily understand and remember.
Capacity Building & Training
Well-designed data collection tools and well-trained data collectors are key to successful data collection activities, in particular to collecting high quality data. CSK provides high quality training services for data collectors. We also offer training in various data management skills, including analysis of both the quantitative and qualitative data materials using various data management software, including SPSS & Atlas ti. 
Project Design and Development
We offer technical support in research design and development, and program monitoring and evaluation plans, including; providing health sector specific expertise and gathering strong evidence to strengthen the concept idea. We also assist in developing project monitoring and evaluation plans, including selection of strong key project monitoring indicators and designing tools to capture related data. 
Research Logistics Management
We assist our clients with various logistics related to conducting research in Tanzania, including; obtaining local IRB approval, obtaining research permit and identifying the local PI. We also assist our clients with obtaining letters of support from the national/regional/district authorities. 

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