CSK Research Solutions is passionate about improving performance and impact of health programs and care delivery systems in Tanzania. Our highly innovative program monitoring and evaluation approaches will aid timely identification of not only the key program components that are effective but also for whom they are effective and under what conditions they are effective. Central to our monitoring is the focus on real time changes (both desirable and non-desirable) resulting from program activities and providing timely feedback to inform program improvements. Our evaluations aim to provide an independent and true picture of projects, in particular whether the project delivered expected outcomes and value to its beneficiaries. We also assist our clients to forge strong project monitoring and evaluation plans, including designing key performance indicators and tools to capture related data. 

Monitoring & Evaluation Services

  • Situational Analysis/Baseline Studies

  • Mid-term Evaluation Studies

  • Final Evaluation

  • Impact Evaluation

  • Process Evaluation

  • Strategic Evaluation

Technical Assistance

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plans

  • Design of Key Performance Indicators

  • Data Collection Tools

Examples of past assignments on program monitoring and evaluation

Dexis Consulting Group, Washington DC

May to Oct 2017    

A consultant from CSK was among a team of 8 consultants that conducted the end-line evaluation of the USAID-funded RESPOND Tanzania Project (RTP) that was implemented by EngenderHealth from 2012-2017. Her input to this evaluation included, providing input to the evaluation design, in particular offering expertise on the Tanzanian health systems in the areas of family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH). She as well provided inputs to the data collection methods and tools, and participated in the planning of field visits, including selection of sites to be visited. She also participated in data collection, analysis, and writing of the evaluation report. Data was collected from 12 districts in four regions of Tanzania and it involved conducting key informant interviews (KIIs) with regional and district health managers and focus group discussions (FGDs) with project beneficiaries. The team also conducted facility observations and analyzed RESPOND program data. 

Pathfinder International, Tanzania. 

Mar – Sep 2016    

A consultant from CSK was contracted to support the process evaluation of the project that aimed at Expanding Method Choice within a community-based family program to first time parents (FTPs) in Shinyanga District Council of Tanzania. Specifically, the evaluation assessed how various aspects of the project design and implementation hindered or facilitated its acceptability and sustainability, as well as its scalability to other areas of Tanzania. Data collection activities were implemented at three points during project implementation (at 3 monthly interval) and involved conducting interviews with project implementers and beneficiaries. The key lessons documented at every stage were communicated back to the project implementers to further guide project implementation. 

Pathfinder International, USA.

Aug 2015 to Mar 2016    

A consultant from CSK was contracted to support Pathfinder International in DRC and their reproductive health MoH partners in South Kivu (Bukavu and Uvira) to launch a harm reduction pilot study into ongoing projects addressing adolescents and youths sexual and reproductive health (AYSRH). Provided assistance included; offering technical assistance in development of the project proposal, including project monitoring tools, training of trainers and providers in harm reduction services and assisting with launching of the project. 

Avenir Health, USA
Jul – Dec, 2015  

Consultants from CSK were contracted to support an assessment of the flow, quality and use of national family planning data for decision-making at various levels of the health system and providing recommendations for improved data collection and management systems for the national family planning program in Tanzania.  Specific activities under this assignment included; providing inputs to the evaluation design, including designing the data collection tools and selecting sites to be visited for the assessment. Consultants from CSK as well participated in data collection activities as team leaders along with program managers from the family planning and health management information system (HMIS) units of the MoH. 

Family Health International, Tanzania

Mar - May 2014    

Consultants based at CSK were contracted to support an assessment of the “key barriers and facilitating factors for the National Family Planning Costed Implementation Program (NFPCIP) in Tanzania”. Activities under this assignment included; reviewing the key informant guide and conducting key informant interviews (KIIs) with Ministry of Health Officials and program managers from NGOs, CSOs and Donors working in the Family Planning area in Tanzania. The consultants as well analyzing the qualitative materials, wrote the final report (including recommendations for program improvement) and presented the findings to various key FP stakeholders in the country.