CSK Research Solutions is private firm that supports design and implementation of research studies and program monitoring and evaluation activities in Tanzania. Found in 2014, CSK is dedicated to providing high quality research services to inform effective and efficient health programs and care delivery systems in Tanzania. We provide a wide range of research services in the areas of Public Health, Health Systems Strengthening and Health Care Delivery Systems. Our clients include the Tanzanian Government, NGOs and International Organizations/Institutions. 

Dr. Catherine Kahabuka (MD, PhD)

CEO & Founder

Research is a vital part of effective health programs. My team is highly dedicated to providing our clients with high quality research services to enable them make the best judgement possible for their programs. We achieve this by investing in thorough training of our field teams and ensuring proper planning of our field activities. Also, we always strive to offer our research teams with a good working environment so that they can focus on their work and deliver best results. While working with us, we will ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Our Mission

To offer our clients with high quality research services that will enable them to make the best judgment possible for their programs. 

Our Vision

To become a highly reputable research entity in providing high quality research services in Tanzania.